George Whitesides: Simple solutions

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George WhitesidesHarvard University Professor George Whitesides talks about his revolutionary design for diagnostic tests in the developing world.

Professor George Whitesides is a world-renowned researcher and chemist.

He’s a pioneer known and respected for leading innovative research in diverse disciplines of science — ranging from biochemistry to soft robotics. He’s written nearly a thousand research papers and holds more than 50 patents. Whitesides currently serves as a professor at Harvard University and heads up the Whitesides Research Group.

Recently, his lab designed a revolutionary diagnostic test, one that’s as small as a postage stamp and costs mere pennies. This new paper test has the potential to save thousands of lives, and dollars, by providing a streamlined and inexpensive solution to diagnostics in the developing world.

“Success is looking at death rates from sickle cell disease, from pneumonia, from infectious disease and reducing those numbers,” Whitesides said.

However, raising funds to manufacture and distribute the product is still a challenge.

George Whitesides: Simple solutions

Harvard Professor George Whitesides talks about his revolutionary design for a diagnostic test to be used in the developing world.

“It is not yet saving lives because it’s not a commercial product,” explained Whitesides. “It requires innovative ways of raising capital.”

George Whitesides joined Mike Walter in our New York City studio to discuss how simplicity in science can save lives.