CES 2017: The latest tech that is changing the way we travel


Gadget Show LGAttendees take pictures in an exhibit of LG OLED 4K TVs at the LG booth during CES International, Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

A showroom at CES 2017 is swamped with technology that’s designed to heighten your senses, or make you more productive.

And, that also includes leisure, or at least helping you make your travel plans less stressful.

CGTN’s Mark Niu has the details from Las Vegas.

As soon as I arrive in Las Vegas for CES, Alex Thibault from VULOG shows me the future of travel.

French company VULOG just launched in the U.S., providing technology that allows for free floating ride-sharing services where you easily pick up and drive a car within your vicinity.

My destination at CES is Carnival Cruise.

Cruising has changed.

The centerpiece of the voyage is a medallion, which can help you navigate around the ship, handle payments and schedules; and entertain you anywhere on the ship.

This is what the medallion looks like. And with it, I don’t necessarily have to come to the bar to order a drink. If I have it clipped on myself. The sensors know where I am throughout the ship. So, I can just sit down, order it on my smartphone. It comes right to me.

Out on the waters, technology knows no bounds.

The PowerRay is an underwater drone that actually has a built-in sonar to help locate fish.

Strap on the goggles and you can see all the action.

Whether you’re on the road, on the water, or even beneath it, technology is set to take all the work but of having fun.

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