Chinese rooster balloon resembling Trump in high demand

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Chinese rooster balloon resembling Trump in high demand

In honor of the upcoming lunar new year, rooster sightings are everywhere in China. And, in one one part of the country — one version of the animal comes with a twist.

What some see as a touch of the U.S. President-elect.

CGTN’s Frances Kuo reports.

Chinese rooster balloon resemembling Trump in high demand

A factory in eastern China is racing to keep up with demand for its new clutch - giant inflatable rooster balloons that bear uncanny resemblance to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. The Zhejiang-based factory has already produced 30 of the inflatables, some of which are up to 20 meters (around 65 feet) in height, and all sporting puffed-up combs of gold. CGTN's Frances Kuo reports.

A factory in Zhejiang, in Eastern China, has already made 30 of them — and is scrambling to keep up with demand.

Li Haiyan, manager at Caile Inflatable Products Co, said he still has plenty of orders to go before the Lunar New Year arrives on Jan. 28.

The likeness to Trump is pure coincidence and unintended, Li said, and many Chinese will only associate its appearance with that of this year’s zodiac animal – the rooster.

It’s reportedly been sold on Taobao, a Chinese online shopping site for as much as $5000 for a 50-footer. But beyond the surface – some think maybe there’s a deeper meaning.

“There will be a bigger and better breakthrough in diplomacy (between the U.S. and China), and I hope China will get better and better in this year, or that when Trump is in power this year there will be a win-win situation,” Kindergarten teacher Wang Hainan said.