Eric Pickersgill: The Smartphone Effect

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Eric PickersgillPhotographer Eric Pickersgill discusses his “Removed” photography series.

Finally this week, the advanced technology of the smartphone has impacted our lives like virtually no technology in the past.

Most of us can’t imagine a day, much less a moment, when we’re without our smartphone. So, just what kind of impact are these devices making in our everyday lives? How are they shifting social behaviors? Are they creating or limiting our human interactions?

Photographer Eric Pickersgill wanted to examine the psychological and social effects behind smarthphones and the role they play in our society.

“We’re in this moment right now where we’re all shifting our posture and our body language and our use of this technology to just be so focused down on our hands, and we haven’t yet seen the full consequences of that,” explained Pickersgill.

Eric Pickersgill: The Smartphone Effect

Photographer Eric Pickersgill discusses his photography series which looks at life without smartphones.

In this week’s Full Frame Close Up, we visited Pickersgill’s dark room as he shares his journey to make art with an impact.

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