Ayanna Howard: A robot for everyone

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Ayanna HowardGeorgia Institute of Technology Professor Ayanna Howard discusses her role in getting women passionate about engineering and robotics.

Designing robots that can think and rovers that explore Mars for NASA are just a few of the projects that Georgia Institute of Technology Professor Ayanna Howard has checked off her To-Do list.

But when she is asked about her proudest achievement, she doesn’t mention the numerous degrees or awe-inspiring inventions. She beams about the female students who are now following in her footsteps and points out that diversity in the science and technology field is no longer the stuff of sci-fi stories.

“It’s not about women in engineering. It’s about this diversity of experience to really solve the problems that we have in our world,” explained Ayanna Howard

Ayanna Howard: A Robot for Everyone

Engineering Professor Ayanna Howard discusses her passion for teaching female students about engineering and robotics.

On this week’s Full Frame Close Up, we meet Ayanna Howard, a dynamic teacher, leader, explorer and innovator — a woman in technology who’s really making a difference.