Uncertainty about Brexit impacts British living in Spain


Uncertainty about Brexit impacts British living in Spain

One of the key issues being debated among EU leaders is Brexit, and the group’s future without the U.K.

British expats living in Europe are watching the debate closely. More than 300,000 of them call Spain home.

CGTN’s Dan Williams reports.

The fine weather in the Costa del Sol has prompted hundreds of thousands of Brits to move to Spain.

But the referendum last year that saw Great Britain vote to leave the European Union has thrown that decision into doubt.

It has split opinion in both the U.K. and those at the Miraflores bowls club.

A little further along the coast, some members at the Marbella bridge club are more concerned about the impact on Brits living in Spain.

The uncertainty generated by Brexit has caused considerable anxiety for many in Spain’s British ex-pat community.

And for some the dream of a life in the sun could soon be about to end.

Karen Watling is a 70-year-old who moved to Spain 14 years ago. If reciprocal healthcare were withdrawn, she and her husband would have no choice but to move back to the U.K.

The Watling’s are far from being alone. Sue Wilson is the Chair of ‘Britain in Spain’ a pressure group that now has thousands of members.

The impact of Brexit on Brits in Spain is already taking beginning to take its toll.

The dream for many could soon be about to end.