US veterans fueling startup boom in San Diego

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U.S. veterans from the Army and Navy are fueling a startup boom in the San Diego region.

CGTN’s Phil Lavelle reports.

U.S. veterans fueling startup boom in San Diego

The number of new startups in the U.S. has dropped, with fewer entrepreneurs bringing their new ideas to life. San Diego, however, has become a startup hub, and it’s the army and navy fueling it. CGTN’s Phil Lavelle reports.

San Diego has the largest concentration of military in the world with more than 250,000 veterans live there. It’s responsible for one in five jobs in the city.

Sumner Lee is the boss of the startup Fuse Integration. Lee is a navy veteran and began his startup in 2010.

Lee helps build software which allows the military, among others, to securely monitor their networks worldwide. Seven years later, his business has boomed. Lee hires veterans as much as possible.

Another veteran startup, Exitus Technologies, makes wearable that are used in emergencies.

Many entrepreneurs in San Diego are making their big ideas happen. They may no longer fight for their country, but they’re still flying the flag for the veterans, as well as startups.