Hollywood casting more Chinese actors in bigger roles

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More Hollywood productions are incorporating Chinese actors and elements.

This includes stars like Yang Ying, a Hong-Kong model in Independence Day: Resurgence and Donnie Yen in Star Wars: Rogue One.

CGTN America’s Phil Lavelle reports.

Hollywood casting more Chinese actors in bigger roles

Chinese actors are getting cast in bigger roles in U.S. films. CGTN America's Phil Lavelle reports. CGTN's Phil Lavelle reports from L-A, on why the American movie industry is looking East for some of its next big stars.

China and Hollywood are inextricably linked by ticket sales: Dalian Wanda Group owns AMC Theaters in the U.S. Even La La Land which took home multiple Golden Globes this year, is heading East to the Middle Kingdom.

The movie’s distributor has teamed up with TenCent to distribute it in China.

Oscars president Cheryl Boone-Isaacs said there is ‘an unprecedented bridge’ between Hollywood and China.