Iraqi forces aim to reclaim W Mosul as ISIL flees city

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Iraqi forces have battled their way into the heart of western Mosul. They’re aiming to topple ISIL within the month and reclaim the city.

CGTN’s Stephanie Freid reports.

Iraqi forces aim to reclaim W Mosul within month as ISIL flees city

Iraqi forces retake more of Mosul as ISIL fighters flee city

There’s growing speculation that ISIL leaders and operatives are trying to sneak out of the city with fleeing civilians.

Iraqi officials report that the advance is moving rapidly and estimate the Iraq military and police have recaptured more than half of Western Mosul. A combination of forces are now working together in the city. The Federal Police – a group specialized in urban warfare – have taken the lead. This is reportedly due to a high number of casualties suffered by the Iraqi army and Iraqi Special Forces.