China’s Two Sessions concludes, adopting new measures from gov’t, civil la


CGTN reporter Han Bin explores key questions regarding China’s influence and impact around the world after the conclusion of China’s annual session of the country’s top legislature.

Various measures were adopted concerning the government and the judiciary. Deputies also approved the General Provisions of the Civil Law. China’s leadership looks set to continue reforms in all fields in the coming year.

China’s supply-side structural reform will deepen. And the starting point is in a key industry, steel production.

One key challenge is how to let the market play a decisive role. Lawmakers form proposals to push forward this reform.

Reform needs a clean government. The anti-corruption campaign remains a priority. The public wants an effective prevention mechanism, not just punishment.

The calls for justice are growing louder. And that includes effective implementation of the law.

The National People’s Congress has collected and sorted this year’s motions. The rising numbers may reflect the determination to push legal progress.

Running a big country is not easy. Its future is largely depends on how well the agenda can be transformed into action.

2017 has been a special year for China’s Two Sessions. We hope our coverage has let you see a difference. And we will continue to examine the China Question.