Game Changer: Carolina Nieto of “Saber Para La Vida” empowers artisans

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Having skills doesn’t always pay the bills. And in a rural town in Mexico, nobody knows that more than artisans.

But one woman is on the quest to change their fate. She’s identified women with a talent for producing handmade crafts and is helping them shift the way they work, so they can increase their opportunities for income. As she teaches them about online marketing, and how to connect with companies who can buy their goods, she’s helping them go from artisans, to entrepreneurs.

Meet the founder of Saber Para La Vida, Carolina Nieto.

Game Changer: Carolina Nieto of "Saber Para La Vida"

A woman in rural Mexico is teaching artisans online marketing skills, so they can take their handmade goods to market and, in doing so, change their lives.