Chinese company promotes benefits of one-on-one, online tutoring

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Chinese company promotes benefits of one-on-one, online tutoring

It’s a $ 5 trillion space for education, globally. And an increasing portion of that is now online.

One Chinese company, VIPKID, believes one on one online tutoring for children, is the best way to start.

CGTN’s Mark Niu explains.

Kailey Lane works part-time as a salesperson during the day while also spending many early mornings and late nights teaching right from her home.

Kailey’s newest student is from Beijing Mady Wang who’s getting an early start. Kailey teaches 25 students a week, earning anywhere from $18-22 per hour using the platform VIPKID.

In the platform, teachers not only give feedback to students, but also receive direct feedback and ratings from their customers.

VIPKID has now recruited around 10,000 teachers in the U.S. and Canada, who mostly teach English, but also subjects like Math and Science to 100,000 students primarily in China.

Beijing based VIPKID has just opened a new office in Silicon Valley, where founder Cindy Mi is focused on overseeing the company’s growth.

The company’s raised $125 million from investors that include everyone from basketball star Kobe Bryant to education tech venture capital firm Learn Capital.

And to stay on the forefront of education, VIPKID is actually starting its own research institute headed up by a Stanford Professor and cognitive neuroscientist.”

But just as important are the teachers, some of whom like this group in Utah have received surprise visits from the founding team.

Cindy Mi said the most important questions she’s been asking the teachers is, what can VIPKID do better.

VIPKid’s founder Cindy Mi talks about what separates VIPKID from the competition

CGTN’s Mark Niu spoke to VIPKid’s founder and CEO Cindy Mi about What separates VIPKID from the competition.