AIIB President meets with Trump admin officials

Global Business

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has lent out $2 billion in 2016 in its first year of operation.

Seventy countries are now members. Despite several attempts to persuade the Obama administration, the U.S. hasn’t joined.

CGTN’s Daniel Ryntjes reports.

The President of the AIIB Jin Liqun is now back in Washington talking to officials from the new Trump administration.

“Our conversations focused on cooperation between corporate American and our bank. How can we work together to achieve win-win situations? Because I think with your technology you can help those countries doing something better,” Liqun said.

The AIIB allows any company to compete for contracts on projects even if the firm is not based in a member country. The same applies when it comes to jobs, and Liqun says several Americans have been hired in key positions.

“I believe credibility has to be earned and not through what you are talking about, but what you do, your performance,” Liqun said.

The AIIB has also just signed a new memorandum of understanding to strengthen cooperation and knowledge sharing with the World Bank, with which it already does joint financing projects.

The President of the AIIB acknowledges that many in the U.S. capital remain cautious about this new China-led institution. But he said over time, he wants to demonstrate that the bank is in his own words: lean, clean and green.