Exhibit offers a Gulliver’s view of major world cities

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New York City has a new indoor tourist attraction for those who love miniatures, Gulliver’s Gate, just off Times Square.

John Terrett reports.

Exhibit offers a Gulliver's view of major world cities

In the U.S., the “Big Apple” is getting a new tourist attraction, which is both big and small at the same time. John Terrett brings us this report from New York.

In the same way that the main character of “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift was transported to Lilliput in the 17th century, the exhibit organizers said they’re asking 21st century guests to enter their little world, Gulliver’s Gate Chief Marketing Officer Jason Hackett said.

The exhibit features landmarks from around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, China’s Forbidden City, Russia’s Red Square, and a Mayan pyramid.

They have even miniaturized China’s CGTN building in Beijing.

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Much of Gulliver’s Gate is made by 3-D printing, but the modelers who made the Russia section did it all by hand.

Workers are still putting the finishing touches to the exhibition, but visitors are coming anyway to preview what was once a space occupied by the New York Times newspaper.

Red Caboose, the last general model and hobby shop in Manhattan, is a short distance from Gulliver’s Gate.

Owner Allan Spitz said that scale models help us understand our world better and when it comes to the hobby of making and collecting models, China’s a big player.

“It’s the best in the world. The material that is available today would not exist, at any price, in terms of the quantities, first items available at a price that’s affordable… if it were not made in China,” Spitz said.