New guideline paves way for improvements in China’s bike-sharing industry

China 24

China’s top transport authority said the country will establish a credit system in the bike-sharing market. The need has been proved by companies operating in the industry.

CGTN’s Wu Guoxiu said.

A national guideline is collecting public comments, addressing prominent problems like unbalanced distribution, road safety and credit for both the users and the companies.

“We encourage setting up a database for companies and users and share this information with the country’s other credit platforms,”  Wu Chungeng, spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport said.  “We encourage companies to form data-sharing alliances, give bonus or punishment to users together. ”

Companies are charging deposits from users, ranging from 99 to 299 yuan per account.   The ministry estimates total deposits in the industry can reach 5 billion yuan at least.

The guiding opinion encourages companies not to charge users with deposits.One company said it’s fine, if users’ credit can be ensured.

“I can choose not to charge deposits when a user has a good credit record. For example, we’re cooperating with a credit platform, we offer deposit-free service to users with over 666 points on that platform,” Yan Zhengsheng, Chief Operating Officer of Zeebike said.

The transport ministry plans to write up a memorandum on credit system building with the country’s top economic planning body and carry it out together.

The ministry is allowing the public to send in comments for two weeks. What’s clear is both companies and their customers can expect more order in the bike-sharing market, which now has more than 100 million users.