Manchester terror attack: Security beefed-up in the heart of England

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More arrests and raids — in Manchester and abroad — after the suicide bombing at a concert that claimed 22 lives. Police now said suspect Salman Abedi was most likely part of a network.

As more of the victims are identified – more armed soldiers are put on patrol across Britain.

CGTN’s Richard Bestic reports on the beefed-up security.

Manchester terror attack: Security beefed-up in the heart of England

Across Britain, nearly a thousand military personnel are being deployed in the wake of the bombing - amid warnings another attack may be imminent.

Troops taking up positions in Downing Street, the heart of the UK government and home to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Among the first wave assigned to potential targets like the Houses of Parliament here, where police officers now walk side by side with fully armed soldiers in combat fatigues.

Other target buildings to get this beefed up security, Buckingham Palace, home to Britain’s monarch Queen Elizabeth and a magnet for millions of tourists.

This dramatic security escalation follows warnings a Manchester-style attack could be imminent and allows for increased numbers of police patrols.

“One of the things that public will see potentially, depending on obviously where they live, is that through Operation Temperer this now allows the police to access support from the military. So they may see certain amounts of military presence which will be in areas to keep them safe,” Amber Rudd, U.K. Home Secretary said.

Using troops to guard high profile buildings freed up armed police officers to help in the hunt for possible associates of the Manchester bomber.

Raids across the region have continued with a number of arrests with authorities now saying they believe the university dropout turned suicide bomber had backup.

“I think it’s very clear this is a network that we are investigating. And as I’ve said, continues at pace. There are extensive investigations going on and activity taking place across Manchester as we speak,” Ian Hopkins, Manchester Chief Constable said.