BRICS Sherpas pledge for further cooperation in run-up to summit


BRICS Sherpas pledge for further cooperation in run-up to summit

A pledge to usher in a second “golden decade” of cooperation concluded the BRICS Sherpa Meeting in China’s Shandong Province.  The gathering paves the way for the BRICS Summit in September and offers a preview of what to expect there.

CGTN’s Guan Yang has a wrap-up.

It is a small group meeting, but the sherpas from the five BRICS countries are speaking on behalf of over 40 percent of the world’s population.

Over the past 10 years, BRICS members have contributed to more than 50 percent of world economic growth.

BRICS Sherpas serve as the main channel in coordinating and advancing preparations for the BRICS Summit which will take place in Xiamen this September.

Centering on the theme of a stronger partnership for a brighter future, the recent meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the world’s political and economic situation.

“We started this morning with the focus on the political and security situation and how BRICS can cooperate better to deepen our interaction, and to address the fundamental challenges we find on the global arena,” Prof. Anil Sooklal, Sous-Sherpa of South Africa said.

All parties agreed that BRICS members should promote global economic governance, deepen practical cooperation in trade, investment and finance, and reinforce people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

“There are these numerous mechanisms which are happening,” Alok Dimri, Sous-Sherpa of India said. “Some of the meetings have already been held, and the understandings and outcomes will be reported to the leaders at the Xiamen summit. And some of these will constitute part of the Xiamen decoration.”

Numerous events are scheduled over the next few months, ahead of the big summit in Xiamen, including: ministerial meetings, senior official and working group meetings, as well as cultural exchange programs like film festivals, sports games and a media summit.

“You will have a good surprise in September,” said Georges Lamaziere, Sous-Sherpa of Brazil. “The process is in the making, the message is clear: we are in favor of an open social economy, free trade and climate change agreement.”

The second Sherpa meeting has charted the key points for BRICS cooperation in 2017, drawn up a “road map” for advancing BRICS goals, and laid a foundation for the upcoming Xiamen Summit.

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