New president of Haiti sets priorities for rebuilding the nation

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Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world and has suffered a series of natural disasters. The country has been tested by political turmoil, a devastating earthquake, and a violent hurricane.

Many hope their new president, Jovenel Moise can bring stability.

CGTN’s John Zarrella spoke with President Jovenel Moise and learned about his plans for the country.
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From above, the waters off Haiti’s coastline appear like a canvas painted in a mix of blues.

Earlier in the week, we sat down with the 48-year-old president at the capital in Port au Prince. Only in office since February, Moise outlined his priorities.

At the top of his list a national electric grid built on alternative energy not fossil fuel. But he’s not getting much, if any, support from international donors. Their proposals don’t, he says, match his priorities.

“That’s why today we say our vision is clear in our minds. But, when the International partners come to us they have to give us this possibility. They have to listen and understand our plan for the country,” Moise said.

Increasing agricultural production is a major part of the government’s agenda. In order to do that, they’ve got to build roads here and irrigation in order to flood the fields that will eventually be covered in rice.

Then it was down rain-soaked dirt roads, more than once bottoming out in the mud. The locals came to the rescue. The president stopped at one small village after another to greet the people.

For Moise, this is a honeymoon period. Hopes and expectations are high. Can the young president dig his nation out of decades of despair?