Mexico’s ‘App economy’ creates millions of new jobs

Global Business

Smartphone technology has transformed the world as we know it.

Having an app for almost everything is big business.

It has created a so-called “app economy” that has boosted job growth around the world. And Mexico is one country benefiting from that shift.

CGTN’s Denny Alfonso reports.

Research shows more than a quarter of a million Mexicans can thank the so-called ‘App Economy’ for their jobs.

Mandel’s report estimates that as of last year more than 226,000 jobs existed in the country – as a direct result of an app economy that began ten years ago. Of those, more than half are located in Mexico City alone, 20,000 in border city Monterrey, and 17,000 in Guadalajara, a metropolis considered one of the biggest technology hubs in Latin America.

With the introduction of the I-Phone in 2007 the ‘App Economy’ is a decade old, and Mexico presents itself as an appealing off shoring destination for U.S. companies looking to expand low cost app development within the region.