Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi makes two-day stop in Pakistan

World Today

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is in Islamabad, hoping to ease tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He arrived from the Afghan capital Kabul, where he met President Ashraf Ghani.

Wang says China wants to set up a series of meetings — with foreign ministers from the three countries — to strengthen dialogue.

CGTN’s Danial Khan reports.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will meet the Pakistani leadership to discuss regional and other bilateral issues.

Wang is expected to sit down with Pakistani military officials to talk about the conflict in Afghanistan.

The foreign minister’s visit comes only a day after Pakistan was rocked by separate terror attacks in three of its major cities, that killed more than 70 people.

The Pakistan army said the attacks are linked to sanctuaries across the border inside Afghanistan.

Experts say that whether it’s the threat of ISIL or the danger posed by the Taliban, the militants have the ability to strike anytime and anywhere inside Pakistan.

Analysts say that Chinese mediation between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a step in the right direction and it could ease the rising tensions between the two neighbors.

For more on Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s mission to help resolve the Afghan-Pakistani dispute, CGTN’s Susan Roberts spoke to Oxford University’s Faiysal Alikhan.