A look into China’s People’s Liberation Army base in Hong Kong

World Today

Hong Kong showed off its largest military parade since the city returned to China in 1997. The 3,000 troops of the People’s Liberation Army were on display, as Chinese President Xi Jinping made his rounds inspecting the military.

CGTN’s Wu Guoxiu gives us a look at the military base in Hong Kong.

At the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Garrison’s base in Hong Kong, soldiers are selected from across the country, with most in their early twenties.

“Although our training is tough, whenever I get to see the sea, I feel how beautiful the world is , and my mood quickly brightens up,” Liu Sicheng, a soldier at the Garrison base said.

In the fire, rain, and mud, the training is tough. Company One recently won the title of “model company” from the Central Military Commission. They’re familiar to the public through performances on military open days.

The national flag is raised every day here. Winds are so strong that they have to change flags every week. Soldiers say they feel particularly connected to their mission when they see their flag, as they vow to protect this beautiful place.