Start-up invests in hologram technologies

Global Business

So many technologies are touted as ‘the future’. We’re told they’ll change our lives. Some do: last week, Apple celebrated ten years of the iPhone – and look how that turned out. But others don’t.

CGTN’s Phil Lavelle reports.

Remember 3D cellphones made by the likes of LG and HTC? They disappeared without a trace. And even 3D movies at the cinema have struggled to gain the kind of mass love that the studios hoped for.

3D TV’s have become expensive accessories that suffer from a lack of real content.

Step forward, then, ‘8i’: a startup which reckons it’s seen the future, and it’s hologram-shaped.

‘8i’ is based in Los Angeles and Wellington, New Zealand. The firm has also just received tens of millions of extra investment from a number of companies, including Chinese tech giant, ‘Baidu.’