Chinese Pres Xi talks trade, security and pandas in Germany ahead of G20

World Today

China and Germany are embarking on a ‘new phase’ in their relationship. That’s according to Chinese President Xi Jinping. He’s in Germany two days ahead of the G-20 Summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also pledged to work more closely with China on a range of issues.

CGTN’s Guy Henderson reports from Berlin.

Two giant pandas are making Berlin their new home. They’re animal envoys sent from China, on loan to the Berlin Zoo for 15 years. By that time, both Chinese President Xi Jinping and German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel will have come and gone.

But today, Chancellor Merkel and President Xi are center stage. China and Germany jointly lead the cry to keep the world order intact.

“It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you here during a time of unrest in the world, where China and Germany can make a contribution towards calming down this unrest,” Germany’s Chancellor said.

It doesn’t come without its perks- both watched on as a number of public and private sector cooperation deals were signed.

German business leaders still said Chinese subsidies put them at an unfair disadvantage in the global market place. From the Chinese side, more willingness, it appears, to get over such hurdles.

“The new starting point requires a new leap forward,” Chinese President Xi said. “My visit this time is to draw a new blueprint, set a new goal, plan a new path for the next stage of development in this comprehensive strategic partnership to enable bilateral relations to go the extra mile on what has been achieved.”

There will be more discussions in the coming days ahead of what may be the toughest G-20 summit yet in Hamburg, Germany. This includes discussions on the crisis on the Korean Peninsula.