China’s square dancing brings large business opportunities

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In China, dancing women, mostly retirees in their 50s or 60s, are ruling almost all possible public space. They shake their bodies and wave their hands to the rhythms of designated music in residential communities, parks, plazas and even basketball courts. Great fun has the so-called square dancing brought, it has also driven sensitive businessmen to tap commercial potentials from the area.

CGTN’s Yang Jinghao reports.

The recreational activity that’s sweeping the nation is considered as a good way for older people to keep fit and socialize. While bringing them profound happiness, the frenzy has also created opportunities for business people eyeing the market for this group.

Such dancing is evolving fast. No outdated songs and simple steps anymore; designated music, sophisticated movements and diverse costumes constitute the new fashion. The market is quick to respond to the increasingly professional event. Related products including costumes, make-ups, loudspeakers and all kinds of props are booming on online shopping platforms. For some stores, sales volume of a popular item can reach more than 10,000 per month.

Suo is one of those who invested in the products. “To pursue beauty and stay in fashion, we have to spend a sum of money such items as shoes, costumes and props each month. These items cost me several hundred yuan each month and I think such consumption is worthy,” said Suo.

Currently, online retail has taken up a considerable portion of the market. With the widespread popularity of smartphones, a growing number of APPs specialized in the square dancing have been developed as well. Jiu’ai Square Dancing is one of such APPs, it gathers a large number of users by providing diversified dancing videos and organizing off-line events. Now it has a greater ambition after two rounds of financing from investors.

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