Beijing museum tells story of the People’s Liberation Army

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As China’s People’s Liberation Army gears up for its 90th anniversary, many in Beijing are getting to relive the PLA’s rich history.

On display at Beijing’s Military Museum is an exhibition telling of accomplishments and providing inspiration.

CGTN’s Yang Jing-hao takes a look.

A pistol once belonging to Zhu De, one of the founding fathers of New China, is on display at the Beijing Military Museum. On the night of Aug. 1, 1927, the revolutionary used the Mauser in the Nanchang Uprising, an armed resistance against the Kuomingtang’s anti-communist purges.

“The uprising lifted the curtain for the Communist Party of China on independently leading the armed struggle and creating the revolutionary army,” according to researcher Zhang Hai. “The nation’s Army Day on August 1st also originated from here.”

The 1927 uprising heralded the creation of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, but it was six years later that Army Day was first celebrated.

Exhibits, which included paintings, sculptures, and historic relics, lead visitors through different periods in the army’s history.

One piece of art tells the story of Zhu De and his troops, who joined Mao Zedong’s forces in 1928. A wooden basin shows how a scout with valuable information used the basin as a boat to escape an enemy blockade in 1949.

“I am impressed by the large number of historical relics such as the pistols used by the revolutionary martyrs. They are stunning to our younger generation and help us learn and remember the history,” museum visitor Guo Haipeng said.

Modern weapons are also on display. The public can view 16 high-tech pieces of combat equipment, including the J-10 fighter jet, 99A tanks and a DF-31 intercontinental ballistic missile.

The impressive display showcases the progression of the Chinese military, and is wowing many visitors.

“During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, our weapons were either simple or imported,” visitor Zhong Wenbin said. “But now we have developed all kinds of powerful equipment. It’s really a surprising advancement.”

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