Tanks dodge landmines, competitors at International Army Games 2017

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Armies from across the world are flexing their military strength in northwestern China.

The International Army Games 2017 is underway in the Xinjiang Region.

The games consist of 28 events held in Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

CGTN’s Meng Qingsheng is following the competition.

Speed, precision, and teamwork were on display in the Suvorov Attack course, a 4.3 kilometer (2.6 mile) track designed for only the bravest military units. Chinese, Russian and Angolan teams competed against each other, navigating obstacles including landmine fields and water pits.

Chinese participants came from the 79th army group of the Northern Theater Command. Most of the team members are veterans of previous games.

“We’d like to win the championship at today’s event,” Chinese crew leader Li Zhou said. “But I think what’s more important is to present some of the best performances of the Chinese army, and to learn from others in order to keep improving.”

The Russian team is composed of soldiers with diverse skills, but is best known for its ability to maneuver armored vehicles.

“I think it’s relatively easy for us at the event. Although we are not familiar with the competition track, we are able to adapt to the conditions here very quickly,” Russian crew leader Pavel Vasilievich Kniazi said.

It takes more than just shear skill to win, however. Races are designed to test not just individual abilities, but how well crew members work together. Everyone – from team leaders to drivers – are expected to quickly handle each situation as a team.

China has gained an advantage over its rivals in Monday’s event.

Three more countries will also compete in the “Suvorov Attack” event on Aug 4. A relay race will be held on August 12th to bring the games to a close.

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