Victims of acid attacks in Colombia fight to wipe away scars

Americas Now

It’s a hideous crime meant to disfigure women and erase their identity. And it leaves deep emotional wounds as well. Correspondent Toby Muse reports on the victims of acid attacks in Colombia. He’ll tell us what’s being done to heal their scars.

One hundred cases within a population of 48 million might not sound like much. But when it comes to women being attacked with acid, the number is actually alarming. In Colombia, it’s a kind of aggression that is becoming more common, despite efforts by authorities and citizens to stop it.

Those efforts started 20 years ago when Gina Potes had acid thrown on her face by a man. Gina shares her story and shows us the crusade she is on to tackle the horrific crime.

Watch Toby’s report for “Americas Now” to see how victims are joining together to turn the tragedy around and reclaim their power.