Venezuela Constituent Assembly to prosecute supporters of US sanctions

Latin America

Members of the diplomatic corp, left , listen as lawmakers applaud during a session of Venezuela’s National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017. Venezuela’s pro-government constitutional assembly took over the powers of the opposition-led congress Friday, dramatically escalating a standoff between President Nicolas Maduro and his political foes.(AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Venezuela’s new Constituent Assembly is calling for the prosecution of any supporters of U.S. sanctions against the country.

This comes in the wake of President Trump’s talk of a “military option” and subsequent, armed drills by government forces in Venezuela.

CGTN’s Stephen Gibbs reports from Caracas.

It was agreed in a unanimous vote by the controversial, new assembly, yet no names have been formally put forward. The government justifies the move by saying the opposition is supporting financial sanctions by the U.S. – including its Aug. 25 ban on U.S. entities and trading bonds, to the detriment of the nation. 

Delcy Rodriguez, president of the constituent assembly, hinted that prosecution of opposition leaders would be forthcoming when asked by CGTN on Monday about how the government would respond to the latest U.S. moves. 

The U.S. State Department has condemned moves towards prosecuting opposition leaders.  Meanwhile Fitch Rating has downgraded Venezuela’s sovereign bonds, and now believes it is “probable” the nation will default.