Urban Voice Pati Jinich spreads the best of Mexico’s cuisine worldwide

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Mexican cuisine shows off a variety of flavors and techniques gathered from different regions of the Aztec nation and derived from a pre-Hispanic tradition later fused with European gastronomy.

The popularity of its creations is also impacting other cultures in the food scene.

Pati Jinich is a Jewish Mexican academic who “wanted to help with ideas,” and later turned chef. But what she didn’t expect was that her recipes would be taking Mexican food to family tables around the world.

Meet Urban Voice Pati Jinich.

  • Eddie

    I think Pati Jinich should be awarded some recognition from the Mexican government for her work to improve international relations through food. So many non Hispanic US citizens contact her to tell how much her show and her recipes have impacted their lives. She’s knocking down walls of ignorance and building bridges of understanding with every episode of her show. And, now her show is broadcasting in Australia and the UK, and who knows where else, showing the world the truth and richness of Mexican culture along with the cuisine,