Summit by the Sea: City of Xiamen puts on best face for BRICS 2017


Summit by the Sea: City of Xiamen puts on best face for BRICS 2017

Xiamen, the host of the 2017 BRICS Summit, is known for its beauty, rich culture and food.

CGTN’s Yang Chengxi talked to some proud locals, who are looking forward to being on the world stage.

Xiamen is typically a quiet and slow-moving city, but after months of preparation, it is now bustling as the 2017 BRICS Summit gets underway.

A local government effort recruited more than 2,000 residents to get the city ready. Preparations included cleaning streets, planting trees, and manicuring lawns.

While the summit is underway, temporary safety measures such as traffic restrictions will be in place.

“We do our best as citizens to cooperate with the measures,” according to resident Mrs. Jiang. “We all believe this summit will have quite a positive impact on the city. I hope we have a successful summit.”

Across the city, BRICS banners and billboards promoting the summit are on display, welcoming delegates from across the world. The event brings together Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. All are emerging economies hoping to have more influence in the world, much like the city of Xiamen.


“We now have new landmarks, and they will become the new name cards of Xiamen,” resident Mr. Yang explains. “But more importantly, through the summit we embrace the world with open arms. We send a signal.”

One landmark likely to attract dignitaries and tourists alike is Gulangyu Island. Just a shorty ferry ride from Xiamen, the 2017 UNESCO World Heritage Site inductee offers sweeping views of the surrounding harbor. Gulangyu is a pedestrian only site, offering visitors a leisurely look into both modern and traditional China. Its long history, car-free streets, and sweeping views of Xiamen attract more than 1,000,000 visitors per month. CGTN’s Anand Niadoo toured the island.