China President Xi calls for enhanced cooperation at BRICS Business Forum


Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the world to reject protectionism in a keynote speech at this year’s BRICS Business Forum in Xiamen. More than 1,200 business representatives from 25 countries joined the conference, making it the largest gathering in BRICS history.

CGTN’s Han Peng reports from Xiamen.

The BRICS countries have become the new highlight of the global economy during the past ten years. Today they come together with the same wish in pursuing peace and development.

The Chinese President called for BRICS members to work together to usher in the second “golden decade” of cooperation.

Xi also said the BRICS cooperation has made extraordinary contributions to the stabilization and revival of the world economy, as in the past 10 years, the five countries’ GDP has grown 179 percent, with a 94 percent increase in the total trade volume.

Seeing ups and downs in the BRICS countries’ economic growth, some people made the judgment that the BRICS economy is fading. In response, Xi showed confidence in the bloc’s future.

“Of course, due to the complexity of both the internal and external environment, the development of the BRICS countries is facing different pressures,” Xi said. “But the trend and potentials of moving forward remain unchanged. We are fully confident of this.”

On Monday, representatives will discuss issues such as facilitating trade and investment, and strengthening BRICS financial cooperation and development.

Topics also include enhancing connectivity, as well as cooperation in the maritime sector, from transportation, to energy cultivation and ship-building.

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