THE BIG PICTURE: Made in China, available everywhere

World Today

Globalization has redefined manufacturing worldwide. And as inter-connectivity grows, China is taking a front seat.

Known for its manufacturing sector, products ‘Made in China’ are available everywhere.

As part of our series ‘The Big Picture’, CGTN’s Zou Yue looks at tech products that make their way from China to the world.

Chengdu, in Western China, has become a new economic powerhouse over the years.It’s a center of Chinese manufacturing, which is all about speed, integration, and efficiency.

Every screwing, fitting and assembly is timed to the second. It takes only two hours to turn these components into computers—after investing more than a decade in turning low-skilled workers into professionals.

And that is why manufacturing has grown by leaps and bounds in China: skilled workers, scales of production, and speed of growth.

Supply and production happen fast. But Dell computers wants it even faster.

“We are a technology company. Our mission is to deliver products to the customers as fast as possible,” explains Zhang Yaohua, vice president of the Dell Global Supply Chain Operation.

Digitalized and globalized manufacturing has reshaped Dell’s business.

The label on one of Dell’s packages says COV, meaning it is meant for a warehouse in Coventry, England. The marker connects the producer in China and the consumer in Europe more closely than ever.

And when manufacturing ends, the transporting starts. It is a journey of greater speed and grander scale than ever before.

More and more goods are put on train carriages; Trans-Eurasia trains are cheaper than planes and faster than ships.

And Chengdu is building the biggest cargo train hub in Western China.

“Every week there are 16 cargo trains running both ways between Europe and China,” Zhang Jing, a deputy general manager of Chengdu International Railway Service said. “And more manufacturers are moving here because they believe in the future of rail transport.”

As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, all customs and checks are finished inside the station. The Dell computers and other electronics made by China are now on the train. Twelve days, 10,000 kilometers and 5 countries later, the cargo arrives in Europe.