Pepcom Holiday Spectacular previews latest tech for holiday season

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At #PEPCOM NYC: Piper teaches children to build their own computer & games. Project was funded thru #kickstarter

It seems like Christmas comes earlier every year. It’s not even October and holiday puns are already out in force. To be fair, autumn leaves also seem to be turning earlier, so…

Anyhow, the official tagline of this year’s Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in New York City is… wait for it… “TECH THE HALLS!” Love it or hate it, Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular has historically given the press an exciting sneak peek into the electronic gadgets people will be talking about – and buying – during the holiday shopping season.

CGTN’s Karina Huber reported on what’s new – and noteworthy – for this year.

Here’s just a handful of other highlights from Pepcom, with more to come…

Highlights from Twitter

Unlike the behemoth tech showcases like the CES 2017 in Las Vegas (which had upwards of 4,000 exhibitors this past year), Pepcom events are a bit more intimate and curated. While major tech companies like Logitech, Google, 3M, and others will be on display – so too will some of the new upstarts and Kickstarters.