Personal stories from the China-US Social and Cultural Dialogue

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Personal stories from the China-US Social and Cultural Dialogue

High ranking Chinese and American officials addressed a diverse audience at George Washington University on Thursday, as part of the China-U.S. Social and Cultural Dialogue. The Dialogue is one of “four pillars” established by Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump when the pair meet at Mar-a-Lago, Florida in April.

Following some speeches, the audience and VIP guests attended the NextGen panel, which included young artists, athletes, and activists. Many shared personal anecdotes.

Elaine Chao, U.S. Secretary of Transportation:

“As America becomes more diverse, we are learning from one another, appreciating each other’s cultural and social backgrounds, and we (Asian-Americans) are contributing to the rich diversity that is truly America’s strength.”

Yao Ming, Basketball player:

“Then learning curve is a lifetime experience. You can learn something from everyone who is taking to you.”

Michael Ford, U.S.-China Strong Foundation:

“Some of the things that we have to think about is: what are some of the images that are being exported not just to China but also then back again to the United Stares about our respective countries.”

Lang Lang, Pianist:

“We wanted to share our love and passion for music (by bringing it) into the public schools in America and in my home country, China, to have music serve as a bridge across the cultures.”