Full Frame Close Up: Pop Culture Roots

Full Frame

The Yoruba people are an ethnic group with roots in Western Africa and they have a modern day presence in Nigeria and Benin. More people in the world speak the Yoruba language than Dutch or Greek. So why is this ancient culture and language virtually unknown outside of Africa? Artist Laolu Senbanjo is working to bring the culture of the Yoruba people to the outside world by celebrating his Yoruba heritage through art.

Formerly a human rights attorney in Nigeria, Senbanjo moved to New York City in 2013 with the hope of making an impact with his art. Since then, Senbanjo has created his unique style of art for global brands like Nike and Bulgari and found instant fame when he collaborated with Beyonce on her music videos for Lemonade. His motto is “everything is a canvas.” In this week’s Full Frame Close Up, watch Senbanjo put his cultural and artistic mark on the world.