Wrap up of US-China Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Dialogue

China 24

Concluding the 2017 Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Dialogue, China and the United States issued a joint statement pointing to past cooperation, while also expressing the desire to continue in the future.

CGTN’s Jessica Stone breaks down what was achieved.


  • Beijing and Washington agreed to develop a process to make sure people identified for removal are verified and given travel documents within 30 days. Both countries pledged to finish this process by the end of the year.

Cyber Security:

  • China and the US say they agreed to continue implementing the agreement reached by Presidents’ Xi Jinping and Barack Obama in 2015. Both committed to not conduct or knowingly support government-sponsored theft of intellectual property, trade secrets or business information that give their nation’s companies an advantage.
  • Both countries also committed to use the established hotline mechanism to address urgent cybercrime incidents, while also cooperating on investigating cybercrimes and protecting their nations’ computer networks.


  • Following a push by President Xi Jinping, China and the U.S. agreed to help each other prevent fugitives from using either country as a safe haven; to cooperate on cases both consider legitimate; to work together to identify priority cases; and to respect national sovereignty and law in the process.

The outcomes document concludes by saying that “while differences remain, both sides intend to make actual progress on all of the above matters, to make possible another Dialogue in 2018 to measure that progress.”