Ecuadorian actress Rossana Iturralde dazzles DC with an enduring drama

Americas Now

The history of theater dates back centuries. In Latin America, the first theatrical plays were shown in the open spaces of the pre-Columbian era.

In Ecuador, these performances were taken into Catholic schools during the 20th century. The main themes were based on old Spanish society – as they mostly taught Spanish literature. The attention then shifted to popular culture.

During the 1990’s an Ecuadorian actress rose to international fame after landing a role in the film “La Tigra,” or “The Tigress.” She has since turned into an iconic symbol by building an impeccable reputation with her acting career.

Now after decades of performing, she is reinventing herself as she helps pave the way for new up-and-coming talent.

This week’s Urban Voice on “Americas Now” is actress Rossana Iturralde.