“Los Topos” volunteers in Mexico save victims of natural disaster

Americas Now

When countries are rocked by earthquakes or blown away by hurricanes and tsunamis there is no real life Superman to save the day. However, there are “Los Topos” which translates into English as “The Moles.”

They are armies of civilian rescuers in Mexico who drop everything to go on a laser-focused mission to save others when natural disasters strike. Even if it means risking death themselves.  

We recently saw Los Topos in action during a series of deadly earthquakes in Mexico. Correspondent Mike Kirsch reports on how the efforts of these brave men and women – who were joined by a Mexican Navy rescue dog named Frida – remind millions around the world to never lose faith.

Many of Mexico’s “moles” like Carlos Cienfuegos say it is not uncommon to respond to dozens of natural disasters around the world each year. Their relief work keeps them away from their homes and families for most of that time.

Watch Mike Kirsch’s report here.