Moving China Forward: Close of the 19th Communist Party Congress

19th CPC National Congress

It has been an extraordinary week in Beijing where more than 2,200 members of the Communist Party of China, and its top leadership, gathered at the Great Hall of the People for the 19th Party Congress.

They heard from China’s President and Party General Secretary, Xi Jinping. The party reviewed its performance over the last five years and set ambitious goals for the future. And, it also elected new leaders.

CGTN’s Zou Yun reports.

To discuss what the developments in Beijing over the last week mean, not just for China, but the world:

  • Zhang Weiwei, the director of the China Institute at Fudan University
  • Cheng Li, the director of the China Center at the Brookings Institution
  • Yukon Huang, the author of “Cracking the China Conundrum: Why Conventional Economic Wisdom is Wrong”
  • Stephen Orlins, the president of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations
  • Wang Guan, chief political correspondent for CCTV America

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