At least three people killed in clashes during Kenya’s rerun election

World Today

Counting of votes is underway in Kenya’s repeat presidential election. President Uhuru Kenyatta is seeking a second term.

That’s after a court overturned his victory in the first election, back in August. The main opposition has boycotted the polls, and called for civil disobedience from its supporters.

CGTN’s Jane Kiyo reports on the latest.

As protests rocked different parts of Kenya, at least three people have been killed in clashes with police.

And the voting has been postponed to the weekend in some opposition strongholds.

Opposition political leader, Raila Odinga, had urged his supporters to stay away. And they were determined – no one else in Kibera should vote either.

The Nairobi slum was a hotspot during the first election and police were primed for trouble with the rerun. Even so, it took hours before voting materials could be brought in.

Elsewhere in Nairobi, election day was quiet. With his arch-rival out of the race, incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta is guaranteed a landslide win. But he’s urging all Kenyans to accept the result.

“We’re tired as a country of electioneering. It’s time we moved forward. It’s my hope that the country will move forward,” said Uhuru.

International monitors were quick back in August to give a positive verdict on a vote – that was later nullified in court.

This time, they’re being more cautious.

For these people, what matters is that they made their mark.

But with so many boycotting this election, what matters for the country and the region is whether the end result is credible – and crucially whether the next government is accepted as legitimate