Taiwanese businesses eye China’s huge market potential

19th CPC National Congress

Taiwanese businesses eye China's huge market potential

President Xi Jinping has expressed that China is “ready to share development opportunities on the mainland with our Taiwan compatriots.” This was during the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. His words came as investment from Taiwan continues to grow on the Chinese mainland.

CGTN’s He Weiwei visited one of the Taiwanese companies operating in the motherland.

Hai Pa Wang International Group tops the list of frozen food producers in China. Since launching on the mainland in 1994, the Taiwanese company now has factories and logistics parks in major cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu. Its products can be found in chain supermarkets across China.

“Taiwan has a population of 23 million, while the Chinese mainland has 1.3 billion. We rely on the huge market potential of the mainland to expand our business,”  Zhaung Rongde, President of Hai Pa Wang said.

Good business relies on a good environment. During the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping pledged to expand economic ties across the Taiwan Strait, and share development opportunities on the mainland with people from Taiwan.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, Taiwan-based businesses invested around $2 billion in the Chinese mainland in 2016, marking a 27 percent growth year-on-year.

Zhuang has three sons, all involved in the business. For his second son, Zhuang Zonglin, the mainland is where home is.

“My wife, my children and I have been living here for over 20 years. My eldest daughter carried out her education on the mainland from kindergarten to university. The prosperity of both my company and my country makes me feel so fulfilled,” he said.

The two generations of businessmen are working on enlarging their factories. Soon, more Taiwan-flavored food will be made in the mainland, destined for the tables of families across the region.