Chinese and Russian PMs meet in Beijing, vow to deepen ties

World Today

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Beijing. Both countries are working to enhance cooperation in energy, manufacturing, agriculture and space exploration.

CGTN’s Wu Guoxiu reports.

Premier Li Keqiang held a red-carpet ceremony for Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the Great Hall of the People.

They are meeting for the 22nd China-Russia Prime Ministers’ Meeting. Medvedev said despite world economic slowdown, China and Russia trade increased by one third in the first 8 months. Trade cooperation will be expanded, together with other areas.

“The world’s financial system needs more balance,” Medvedev said. “We’re discussing to use our national payment systems, including China’s Unionpay. We are also developing our own MIR system.”

Medvedev is the first foreign leader to visit China after the 19th CPC National Congress concluded last week. The two PMs said China and Russia see each other’s development as their own opportunities.

“China and Russia will strengthen cooperation in the Far-East Region to nourish new development space,” Premier Li said. “China will expand investment in the Far East and introduce more energy supply from the region. It’s win-win.”

The regular meeting of China and Russia’s PMs began in 1996. The two PMs signed a communiqué of the regular meeting. There were also other documents on customs, agriculture, finance and energy.

Li and Medvedev said China and Russia will consolidate traditional cooperation sectors like aerospace and energy and explore new development opportunities, such as on small and medium sized companies and in the Far East.