Mandarin tutor ‘proud’ of Arabella Kushner’s language skills

World Today

China Trump AsiaArabella Kushner, granddaughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, sings from a video screen during a dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017, in Beijing, China. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

When U.S. President Donald Trump visited Beijing earlier this month, his 6-year-old granddaughter Arabella Kushner became a hit on social media.

During a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump played a video of his granddaughter singing and reciting poems in Mandarin, and now she has become something of a child star in China.

CGTN’s Wei Xuejiao interviewed one of Arabella’s Mandarin teachers.

Zhao Danchen was excited to see Xi Jinping react when Donald Trump showed him a video of granddaughter Arabella Kushner performing in Mandarin. Xi was hosting Trump at their November summit in Beijing and gave Arabella an “A-plus” grade.

“I was very proud of her,” Zhao said. “I know for sure she can do that – it was not surprising to me, but I am so happy.”

Zhao started tutoring Arabella in Mandarin last year at Carousel of Languages School in New York. Arabella’s two brothers also took Mandarin lessons at the school.

“I love the fact that they are learning at an early age,” Zhao said. “It’s great to see I am able to spread … not only language but also the culture and everything about China.”

Chinese officials say Arabella has become a little ambassador of China-U.S. friendship.