Sexual harassment and assault pushes for transformation in workplace

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Allegations and admissions of sexual assault and harassment are mounting in Hollywood and beyond, which is leading to financial chaos in some cases. But there may be an important silver lining in all of this.

CGTN’s May Lee reports.

Allegations of sexual harassment have so far brought chaos to at least a dozen films and TV shows in Hollywood and this could just be the beginning.

From Harvey Weinstein related projects to Netflix’s smash hit “House of Cards,” which starred Kevin Spacey accused multiple times of sexual harassment, the financial fallout is mounting across the board, not to mention ruined reputations.

Take, for example, the completed, but not yet released “All The Money In The World.” Kevin Spacey is being cut from the film completely and replaced by actor Christopher Plummer costly and, complicated process for Sony Pictures.

After comedian Louis C.K. was accused and then admitted to sexually harassing women, his film, “I Love You Daddy,” was pulled indefinitely and all his HBO shows. And Harvey Weinstein and his companies, which include, The Weinstein Company and Miramax, now face a class-action lawsuit.

The overwhelming majority of alleged and confirmed victims in all these cases are women, who said this has been the culture of Hollywood for years. Powerful men committing sexual abuse and getting away with it. But now that the lid has been blown off, there’s a feeling here that this is the tipping point which could lead to brighter, more successful days for women in the industry.

Actress Reese Witherspoon has made it her mission to produce films that are created by women, feature women, and are stories about women.

Witherspoon’s company Pacific Standard has produced Oscar nominated films as well as Emmy award winning TV programs. The mini-series Big Little Lies, based on a book written by a woman, recently took home eight Emmys.

Sexual Harassment and Hollywood: Tipping point for the industry?