China unveils eye-shaped futuristic library

World Today

Photo credit: Xinhua

An eye-catching futuristic library has opened to the public in Tianjin Binhai, China.

Dubbed “The Eye of Binhai,” the library’s experimental design resembles a three-dimensional eye.

Measuring 33,700 sq. m, or about 363,000 sq. ft., the five-story structure can hold up to 1.2 million books.

A cascade of bookshelves also acts as stairs and seating.

Dutch design firm MVRD helmed the project in collaboration with Chinese architects.

But one design choice has disappointed some.

The library’s undulating floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are plastered with wallpaper showing books, instead of actual books.

It currently houses 200,000 books in separate rooms around the library.

Architect Chen Tianze stands by the wallpaper, saying it’s part of the entire design for the library.

But despite that, an average of 15,000 visitors are making their way to the library on weekends.

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