ROK President Moon calls for new start in relations with China

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ROK President Moon calls for new start in relations with China

The President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in is in China. Friday is the third of his four-day state visit. The two countries reached several agreements on economic cooperation, as they strive to rebuild relations.

CGTN’s Xu Xin-chen reports.

Before heading to the south-western city of Chongqing on Friday, Moon Jae-in met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang for talks in Beijing.

In their meeting, Premier Li said that despite the recent thaw in their relations, it was important to catch every opportunity to strengthen them further. Both men agreed that the time was right for the countries to look into continuing their free-trade talks.

President Moon also delivered a speech at Peking University on Friday morning. It’s the first time in nine years for a South Korean president to address the university.

Experts believe President Moon’s state visit can be the spark for improved ties between China and South Korea.

Moon has called for a “new start” in their relations, while President Xi is looking for more high-level communication. They both believe that a stronger bond can help safeguard regional peace.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is still uncertain. But a good China-South Korea relationship will encourage the parties concerned to remain cautious about the next steps.

Moon met Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday when several agreements were reached, including in the areas of environmental protection and animal disease inspection.