Female winemakers featured at California wine store, Vinovore

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Female winemakers featured at California wine store, Vinafore

Coly Den Haan knows the stories behind nearly every wine sold at her Los Angeles store, Vinovore…and they all have something in common.

CGTN’s May Lee reports.

Almost all the wines sold at Vinovore are made by female winemakers who are often unrecognized in a mostly male dominated industry, even though women are the biggest consumers of wine worldwide.

“I’ve had many challenges being a woman in wine” says Coly, “so it all kinda just came together to me that it would be great to do something I’m passionate about, really believed in and something that nobody’s really doing and that’s focus on female winemakers.”

Coly, herself a sommelier, was partly inspired to open this one of a kind wine shop following last year’s contentious presidential election. She wanted to do her part in empowering women. Customers love it.

“I love it, I love supporting any sort of women’s business.” says one female customer.

A male customer says, “We should be celebrating female winemakers. We don’t often hear about them very much, so I think to have a shop that’s dedicated to female winemakers is pretty special.”

There’s something else that makes Vinovore unique compared to other wine shops…and its this wine tasting chart, kind of like a Chinese zodiac, that helps shoppers find the perfect wine based on their characteristics.

An Orange Tiger, for example, is daring and alluring. A Purple ape is saucy and kinky.

Once the animal sign is chosen, then just find the matching colored sticker on the bottle. The system is meant to take the intimidation factor out of wine. Cheers to that!

Vinovore spirit animals help define your wine preferences