Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge lit up for New Year

World Today

In China’s southern city of Zhuhai, more than 10,000 bridge builders witnessed the official lighting of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge.

The world’s longest bridge tunnel complex stretches 55 kilometers.

It’s 20 times the length of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

CGTN’S He Wei Wei reports on its historic significance.

In a special gift for the New Year, a ceremony marked the completion of the main section of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge.

One portion is nearly 23 kilometers long and includes a six and a half kilometer undersea tunnel and an artificial island.

In total, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is 55 kilometers long, making it the longest steel sea based project in the world.

Engineers say the structure is being designed to withstand a major earthquake and a super typhoon.

The mega bridge is a dual three lane highway.

Once operational, it will cut down the driving time between Hong Kong and Zhuhai from three hours to a mere 30 minutes.

Officials say the infrastructure project will be a boost to the economy.

“The bridge will enhance the connection of the bay area, and boost exchange of personnel, goods, information and capital between the three places. It also guarantees better transportation, development and integration of the region,” said Yu Lie, the Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao bridge authority.

Construction is underway on other parts of the project before the bridge is ready for use.

In the meantime, authorities are working on issues such as tolls and customs.

For more on the opening of the bridge and it’s influence on the region, CGTN’s Susan Roberts spoke with Ronald Wan, who is the Non-Executive Chairman at Partners Financial Group.