Bizarre tech entertains guests at CES 2018


One of the big draws at the Consumer Electronics Show – CES – in Las Vegas is that you just don’t know what you’re going to find. The event’s known for having some of the most bizarre technology alongside some of the most revolutionary.

CGTN’s Phil Lavelle has been taking a look at some of this year’s more random offerings.

There’s loads to see as you walk around CES. But a lot of it leaves you asking, why was this product ever invented?

A chess set that moves by itself is a popular attraction at this years show. Perfect for the person with no friends.

“The board takes two seconds to think then starts to move and that’s how it works” said Jain from Square Off.

There has been plenty to offer for pet enthusiasts this year – including The Litter Robot, a smart, WiFi enabled kitty bathroom. One gets a notification every time their cat poops.

“You might not want to know every time but you might want to know when they’re not going to the bathroom anymore or they’re going too much,” said Jason Smith from Auto-Pets. “So we can show you when there’s a change which may be important for their health and you can communicate it to the vet.”

San Fransisco company Petcube offers a camera that lets the dog take a selfie and send it to you at work.

“It’s face detection that will recognise your pets looking for you, looking into the camera and it will send you a push notification and say ‘hey here i am’ and at that point, you can either click on them and either engage with them or flick out treats.” Said Petcube’s Christopher Madeira.

Some of the inventions, you can see really taking off. Like a wine opener that lets the wine out and the cork in tact. So one can pop the not-technically-opened-yet-still-half-drunk bottle back in the cellar, and it’ll keep for years more.

Fresh ideas are what CES is all about. However odd they may seem.