The Heat: Iran Nuclear Deal and Macron’s visit to China

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Trump Iran Deal

After months criticizing the Iran Nuclear deal, and threatening to abandon it, U.S. President Donald Trump announced he is keeping the agreement intact.

But the president stressed this is the last time he would waive sanctions against Tehran. Trump gave European allies four months to re-write key provisions of the deal or he said the US will walk away from it. The White House also issued new, non-nuclear related sanctions against Iranian and Chinese entities and individuals.

To discuss all of this:

  • Afshin Molavi, a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute at John Hopkins University
  • Leela Jacinto, a News Reporter for France 24
  • Eleanor Clift, a political journalist for The Daily Beast
  • Qinduo Xu, a political analyst for China Radio International 

French President Emmanuel Macron wrapped a three-day trip to China, in which he pulled out all the stops. 

Macron began his visit in Xian, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road – a nod to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, the ambitious project to connect Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa through trade.

In what the French president described as an “unprecedented diplomatic gesture,” he gave his Chinese host, President Xi Jinping, a horse from the French Presidential cavalry corps.

The two countries signed trade deals and Macron signaled his desire for a long-lasting relationship with China, saying he plans to visit the country every year while in office.

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